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Ecuador: Indigenous Organizations Meet With State Powers

  • Ecuador's indigenous organizations hold dialogue with government authorities. Jun. 27, 2022.

    Ecuador's indigenous organizations hold dialogue with government authorities. Jun. 27, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@CONAIE_Ecuador

Published 27 June 2022

Amid an indefinite national strike against Guillermo Lasso's policies, indigenous organizations led by CONAIE agreed to engage in a dialogue with all branches of government.

In Ecuador, the five branches of government are the Executive, the Legislative, the Judicial, the Electoral and the Transparency and Social Control branches.

A 10-Cent Reduction in Fuel Price Is Ridiculous: CONAIE

The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) said via Twitter that the structures of CONAIE, FEINE and FENOCIN collectively decided to accept the invitation made for the meeting with the five branches of the State in which "we will push for results on the 10-point agenda," CONAIE said.      

While the meeting is taking place at the Basilica of the Voto Nacional in Quito, without the presence of Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso, indigenous peoples and social organizations remain on vigil awaiting the results of the 10 points on the agenda. 

In addition to CONAIE, the Council of Evangelical Indigenous Peoples and Organizations of Ecuador (FEINE), the National Confederation of Peasant, Indigenous and Black Organizations (Fenocin), the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (Confeniae), the Confederation of Peoples of the Kichwa Nationality of Ecuador (Ecuarunari) are also present. 

At this time, the meeting of the @CONAIE_Ecuador, @confeniae1, @ecuachaskiecua, @FEINE_EC and @fenocinecuador
with representatives of the 5 powers of the State is taking place in Quito. Representing the Executive is the Minister of Government, Francisco Jiménez. 

CONAIE's ten demands include freezing fuel prices, adopting an agricultural subsidy and not signing free trade agreements that destroy national production.

Last June 26, Lasso announced a reduction of 10 cents of a dollar in the price of extra gasoline and EcoPaís gallon,  as well as diesel, used for transportation.

CONAIE said that this reduction in fuel prices is "insensitive and insufficient", arguing that it is not commensurate with the situation of poverty faced by millions of families in the country. 

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