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Ecuador: HR Organization Denounces Gov.’s Crimes During Strike

  • 6 people have died during the indefinite national strike in Ecuador, with many injured and arbitrarily detained. Jun. 28, 2022.

    6 people have died during the indefinite national strike in Ecuador, with many injured and arbitrarily detained. Jun. 28, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@evoespueblo

Published 28 June 2022

The Ecuadorian government has resorted to repression, persecution and stigmatization of the striking indigenous community, according to a human rights organization.

At a press conference on Tuesday, the International Solidarity and Human Rights Mission said: "Who are the dead in the National Strike? There are six victims, murdered by state forces, indigenous or mestizo people, their right to life violated."

Ecuadorian President Breaks Dialogue with Indigenous Leaders 

The organization submitted a preliminary report documenting the repression committed by the authorities during the national strike demonstrations and concluded that the Ecuadorian State had committed crimes against humanity.

The mission collected complaints, testimonies and evidence on the repression in several regions in the country, finding that it was systemic, widespread and directed against the civilian population.

It also concluded there were violations of fundamental rights based on evidence of the forced disappearance of persons, crimes against life, physical integrity, liberty, freedom of assembly and the free exercise of protest, as well as crimes against property.

The Assemblyman for Manabi Joao Acuna: "when the one who governs has run out of ideas, the only thing left to do is blame others." The legislator criticizes that the President has chosen the path of repression over that of dialogue. "Let's go to the polls," ends.

At the press conference, the mission denounced that since June 13, when the national strike against Guillermo Lasso's administration began, six people have died, 200 have been injured and 145 have been arbitrarily detained.  

On this occasion, the Ecuadorian government was urged to put an immediate end to the criminalization of social protest and arbitrary detentions and to provide reparations to the victims of the crimes committed.

The pertinent international organizations were also called upon to investigate since the security forces "murdered, tortured, injured the physical integrity, persecuted, threatened, intimidated and criminalized important sectors of the civilian population," using "sophisticated and lethal weapons."

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