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Cuba: Intel. Cultural Colloquium Opened at Casa de Las Americas

  • On Tuesday, the Casa de las Americas received the 8th International Colloquium

    On Tuesday, the Casa de las Americas received the 8th International Colloquium "Cultural Diversity in the Caribbean." May. 30, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@EmbaCuba_Angola

Published 24 May 2022

On Tuesday, Cuba hosted the 8th International Colloquium inauguration, celebrated at the Casa de Las Americas.

The Casa de Las Americas, in Havana, hosted on Tuesday the inauguration of the 8th International Colloquium "Cultural Diversity in the Caribbean," where keynote speakers and panels that had the resilience and creation in scenarios of the Covid-19 pandemic as a thematic were presented.

ALBA-TCP Summit To Be Held in Havana on May 27

The specialist Javier Lafita headed the session at the Manuel Galich Hall of that institution. The event included a study on cultural heritage, community scenarios associated with the pandemic crisis across the globe, and the virtual space from eastern Cuba.

The Colloquium is expected to take place until May 26, closing withat a presentation of the research regarding religious families, social media, and challenges in light of the negative effects of the pandemic by Yaniela Morales, from the Institute of Anthropology.

According to the agenda, Jacqueline Laguardia, from the Department of International Relations at the Augustine Campus, in Trinidad and Tobago, and the Chair of Caribbean Studies at the University of Havana will be offering a speech on the “Impacts of Covid-19 on cultural industries in the Caribbean.”

The Casa de Las Americas introduced a proposal on the ways for the circulation of art, online exhibition platforms, virtual events, and young artists, as to generate a confluence of new alternatives and experiences in the promotion of culture.

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