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Cuba: Among the Top Countries in Vaccination Against COVID-19

  • Cuba was the first country to vaccinate its pediatric population against Covid-19. May. 23, 2022.

    Cuba was the first country to vaccinate its pediatric population against Covid-19. May. 23, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@CUBAONU

Published 23 May 2022

According to the Cuban Foreign Minister, the Island has the highest rate of administered doses of vaccines against Covid-19 per 100 inhabitants.

Cuba has been placed in first place on the world's ranking of vaccination administration against COVID-19, as it has the island's highest rate of administering doses per 100 inhabitants.

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Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, the Cuban Foreign Minister, posted on his Twitter account that the country has an index of 321.61 doses administered per 100 inhabitants - an amount that exceeds high-income countries.

The Cuban top official said, in addition, that the Island's population that is capable of receiving the vaccine against COVID-19 has been inoculated with the complete scheme and the 80.9 percent received a booster.

The immunization strategy of the Caribbean country is based on the usage of its vaccines on technological platforms of proven safety and efficacy. Cuba is registered as the first country to immunize its pediatric population against Covid-19.

Cuban Minister of Health: Cuba the first nation in the world to vaccinate the entire population from two years of age against Covid-19. “More than 36 million doses have been administered and vaccination coverage has reached 96.7% of the vaccinable population”

Cuban clinical trials with immunogens continue to be carried out on children under two years of age and another with a nasal-administered vaccine candidate. The WHO will promptly receive the documentation of two of the Cuban vaccines used in a dozen countries for emergency use.

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