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Colombia: Security Forces Kill a Young Student In Tulua

  • The sign reads,

    The sign reads, "Colombia demands dialogue. Duque, don't lie to the people. No more deaths," Bogota, Colombia, May 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @Geoestrategia1

Published 26 May 2021

Camilo Arango is the fifth young man that dies in this city due to police brutality since the beginning of the protests on April 28.

Colombia's Mobile Anti-Riot Squadron (ESMAD) agents on Tuesday night killed 19-year-old university student Camilo Arango as they cracked down on a protest in Tulua, Valle del Cauca Department.


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Videos posted on social networks show a group of protesters trying unsuccessfully to revive Arango after the young man was shot. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where health authorities confirmed his death.

"The Central Unit of Valle del Cauca University rejects police brutality... Arango was a law student. This loss is irreparable," rector Juan Urriago commented.

"We urge authorities to avoid further bloodshed. We expect them to investigate and bring to justice the perpetrators of this crime," he added and informed that five young men have been killed by police agents in Tulua since April 28.

The meme reads, "Repression continues in Portal Resistencia, Bogota. So far, four people were detained and eight demonstrators were injured."

During the clashes, the Palace of Justice in Tulua was set on fire. Local authorities blame protesters for the incident, but videos show a group of armed men setting fire to the institution before the eyes of ESMAD agents, who did nothing to stop them.

In Bogota, there were also clashes between security forces and a group of citizens who were peacefully protesting at the Portal Resistencia metro station. 

"Repression continues in Colombia. However, we will continue on the front line, fighting social injustice and Ivan Duque's narco-government. There is no Revolution without a youth willing to sacrifice," human rights defender Caroline Sandini tweeted.

The new day of police brutality occurred as Defense Minister Diego Molano faces a motion of censure against him for allowing the excessive use of force.

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