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China Calls on EU to Add Stabilizing Factors to World Order

  • President Xi Jinping at a videoconference, April 1, 2022.

    President Xi Jinping at a videoconference, April 1, 2022. | Photo: Xinhua

Published 1 April 2022

President Xi Jinping called on the European leaders to form its own perception of his nation and adopt an independent China policy.

On Friday, during a videoconference with European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, President Xi Jinping called on the European Union to increase communication on major issues concerning global peace.


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He recalled his visit to the EU headquarters eight years ago when he suggested that China and Europe work together to build a bridge of friendship and cooperation across the Eurasian continent, foster a China-EU partnership for peace, growth, reform and civilization, and forge a China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership of greater global influence.

"China's vision remains unchanged. If anything, it has become more relevant under the current circumstances," he said, pointing out that the Ukraine crisis has come on top of a protracted COVID-19 pandemic and a faltering global recovery.

Xi stressed that China-EU relations have made progress despite challenges, and bilateral cooperation has achieved new results despite difficulties. It has been proven that China and the EU share extensive common interests, he said.

Noting the consistency and continuity of China's EU policy, Xi called on the European countries to form its own perception of his nation and adopt an independent China policy.

President Xi also shared his views on how to settle the Ukraine crisis under the current circumstances. In the first place, he pointed out the importance of the international community creating favorable conditions for the peace negotiations and making room for political settlement, rather than adding fuel to the fire and heighten tensions.

It is also necessary to promote lasting peace in Europe and the Eurasian continent. The root cause of the Ukraine crisis is the regional security tensions in Europe that have built up over the years. A fundamental solution is to accommodate the legitimate security concerns of all relevant parties, the Chinese leader stressed.

"The Ukraine crisis must be handled properly. One should not take the wrong medicine, or focus on just one aspect of the issue without regard to the rest, or hold the entire world hostage, still less make ordinary people around the world suffer as a result. The more critical the situation, the greater the need to stay levelheaded, he said, as reported by Xinhua.


Xi Xinping
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