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Brazilian Organizations Calls for Assange’s Freedom

  • People's demonstration to call for charges against Julian Assange to be dismissed. May. 3, 2022.

    People's demonstration to call for charges against Julian Assange to be dismissed. May. 3, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@PopResistance

Published 3 May 2022

On World Press Freedom Day, a manifesto of Brazilian organizations of the journalist community was released denouncing Julian Assange's case. 

The manifesto, which was also signed by the International Peoples' Assembly, says that Julian Assange is being detained for the crime of uncovering "secrets of the war machines of the great powers, in particular, the U.S. empire and its close allies," and adds that his detention and possible extradition is a "step towards creating a state of exception on a global scale."

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Julian Assange is currently detained in the Belmarsh maximum-security prison in London, England, accused of releasing non-published information about the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. His extradition process began in 2019 under former U.S. President Donald Trump and continues to date with current President Joe Biden in the White House. 

The WikiLeaks founder could face more than a century in prison in the event of his extradition to the United States. Westminster Magistrates' Court cleared the extradition of the journalist on April 20, leaving his defense a deadline of May 18 to appeal. If the case goes ahead, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel will make the extradition decision.

According to the president of the Associação Profissão Jornalista (APJor), Fred Ghedini, in an interview with Brasil de Fato, Assange is a political prisoner in the UK due to the U.S. government's request. He also said that the Brazilian media that published the information provided by Assange and WikiLeaks do not inform about the persecution to which the journalist is subjected.

The APJor president went on to say: "We cannot let Assange, who fulfilled his role as a journalist, be blamed. And what the big newspapers, televisions,  and radios are doing at the moment is omitting themselves the condemnation of Assange. This is what needs to be made clear; it is a criminal attitude".

"Assange is persecuted and may lose his life because he dared to tell the truth. He did not falsify the facts; he did not omit, he did not misrepresent, he did not lie or deceive, nor lacked the courage to denounce what he discovered", the manifesto says, adding that "in the name of his right to freedom and also for the preservation of achievements that interest all of humanity there is only one correct measure to take: release Julian Assange now." 

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