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Brazilian Landless Workers Send Two Tons of Food to Gaza

  • Brazilian plane loads humanitarian aid for Gaza, Oct. 30, 2023.

    Brazilian plane loads humanitarian aid for Gaza, Oct. 30, 2023. | Photo: X/ @canalgov

Published 30 October 2023

The Brazilian Air Force will transport the humanitarian aid cargo, which consists of corn and powdered milk.

On Monday, the Brazilian Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that it will send two tons of food to the Gaza Strip. Previously, this South American country sent a shipment of water purifiers and medicines that are already in Egypt.


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The new shipment of humanitarian aid consists of corn and powdered milk donated by the Landless Movement (MST), a left-wing peasant organization that has historically expressed its solidarity with Palestine.

The cargo will be transported by a Brazilian Air Force plane to Egypt, on whose border with the Gaza Strip humanitarian aid sent by dozens of countries is concentrated and which enters the Palestinian territory in dribs and drabs.

Entry is through the Egyptian Rafah crossing to the Awja crossing, where loads are inspected before entering the Gaza Strip. These procedures occur despite the serious deterioration of the humanitarian and health situation in the Palestinian enclave.

Currently, some 30 Brazilians and thousands of citizens of other countries are trapped in the Palestinian territory waiting for an agreement to allow their departure to Egypt.

The offensive launched by the Israeli occupation forces, however, has prevented the formation of a humanitarian corridor that allows the departure of people from Gaza, a Palestinian territory that remains under incessant Israeli bombardment.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Lebanese militias attacked an Israeli occupation army position on the border with Lebanon. The operation did not generate casualties on any of the fighting sides.

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