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Brazil: Silence and Omission in the Yanomami Community Case

  • President of the Condisi-YYY denounced the crime committed in the Yanomami community. May. 3, 2022.

    President of the Condisi-YYY denounced the crime committed in the Yanomami community. May. 3, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Survival

Published 3 May 2022

Authorities claim to find no evidence of the rape and death of the girl; leaders denounce the purchase of silence with gold.

Last April 25, one of the cruelest chapters of the miners' attack on the Yanomami people in Roraima remains unresolved. A severe complaint in the Indigenous Territory triggered a series of inquiries and investigations by the Federal Police. Following the report of the death of a 12-year-old girl, a victim of rape.

Brazilian Organizations Calls for Assange’s Freedom

During the diligence to the region, the community was found burned and no one was there; 24 indigenous people from the Aracaçá community are still missing. The case had national repercussions and has mobilized indigenous leaders, authorities, politicians, artists, and influencers who have shown their support for the cause by highlighting the situation with the hashtag: "CADÊ OS YANOMAMI."

The president of the District Council of Yanomami and Ye'kwana Indigenous Health (Condisi-YYY), Júnior Hekurari Yanomami, made the accusation last April 25. After the complaint, the Federal Police went to the Aracaçá community where the girl lived but found no evidence of the crime. However, the case is still under investigation.

The clarification of the case is hampered by the climate of tension and fear imposed by the miners, who allegedly bought the victims' silence with gold. Without a permanent Funai protection base, mining activity remains the main driver of violence in the region.

Children were thrown into the river to die or raped to death. This is the practice of illegal criminal miners on Yanomami lands. We continue to demand justice: WHERE ARE THE YANOMAMI?

According to the Condisi-YYY president's complaint, another woman had been abducted and her three-year-old child had been thrown into the river.

The girl, according to Condisi-YYY, lived in the community of Aracaçá, in the Waikás region, where there is a strong presence of miners and which has registered the most significant advance of illegal exploitation, according to the report "Yanomami under attack," by the Hutukara Associação Yanomami (HAY).

In Aracaçá lived about 30 indigenous people. It is difficult to access; it takes approximately one hour and 15 minutes flight time from Boa Vista to Waikás. To reach the Aracaçá community takes another 30 minutes by helicopter or five hours by boat on the Uraricoera River.

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