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'Argentine Media Shields The Macri Family': Cristina Fernandez

  • Argentina's Vice President Cristina Fernandez

    Argentina's Vice President Cristina Fernandez | Photo: Twitter/ @launicamadryn

Published 29 September 2021

The Vice President condemned the shielding of the corruption case of former President Mauricio Macri's brother has had on the Argentine opposition media.

Argentina's Vice President Cristina Fernandez supported the investigation of the Financial Scope outlet on a fraudulent maneuver of Gianfranco Macri, the brother of former President Mauricio Macri, to launder money of his mother Alicia Blanco in 2016.


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The investigation revealed that Gianfranco Macri declared as his own a US$25 million trusteeship that belonged to his mother Alicia Blanco since Macri expressly prevented spouses, parents, and emancipated minor children from obtaining benefits from the Money Laundering Law approved in 2016.

Fernandez wrote a letter entitled "It is not my mother, it is your father and you" in 2016 in response to Macri's accusations against her mother, Ofelia Wilhelm. "It turned out that it was your mother too," she pointed out, recalling that Blanco finally reintroduced the money into her estate in 2020.

The Vice President compared the null rebound that the Financial Scope revelation had on the Argentine opposition media with the persecution strategy suffered by her family during the Macri administration (2015-2019).

"An article of the Clarin newspaper dated Nov. 15, 2016, was entitled 'The grandmother, the daughters, the son-in-law, the grandchildren: all the Kirchners denounced in the Justice.' The massive journalistic coverage of the false denunciation against my mother made my daughter Florencia Kirchner sick," she condemned, stressing that the media still shields the Macri family.

So far, Mauricio Macri is accused of 358 crimes related to fraud and illicit association, abuse of authority, and violation of official duties, all of which he committed while serving as Buenos Aires Mayor and President.

These accusations include the irregular purchase and sale of wind farms with a profit for the presidential family of about US$28 million and the smuggling of ammunition to Bolivia in November 2019 to overthrow democratically elected President Evo Morales.

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