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Argentina Announces Relaxation of COVID Measures in October

  • Juan Manzor and Carla Vizzotti of the Argentine government announced new measures as a result of the analysis of the country's epidemiological situation.

    Juan Manzor and Carla Vizzotti of the Argentine government announced new measures as a result of the analysis of the country's epidemiological situation. | Photo: Twitter/@JuanManzurOK

Published 21 September 2021

The announcement was made by the Chief of Cabinet Juan Manzur and the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzoti.

Argentina announced on Tuesday the lifting of restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic and the reopening of the country's borders, a measure that will take effect on October 1.

In effect, as of October 1, the progressive entry quota will be increased in all secure corridors, airports, ports and land crossings, while as of November 1, the entry of foreigners who must comply with specific requirements will be authorized.


Argentina Works To Intensify COVID-19 Vaccination

The Chief of Cabinet, Juan Manzur, and the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, announced the schedule for lifting the sanitary measures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic this Tuesday.

The press conference announced a "gradual and careful" opening of borders due to the decrease of coronavirus cases. It revealed an estimated schedule of dates for this stage, coordinated with Migration and the National Administration of Civil Aviation (ANAC).

These measures are taken after 87.5 percent of people over 18 years of age in the country have already started their vaccination schedule, a proportion that reaches 92 percent among those over 50 years of age and 63.7 percent if the total population of Argentina is taken into account.

The 43.7 percent of the total population has already applied the two doses of the vaccines to complete the full schedule. When reaching 50 percent, a critical threshold will have been reached to allow further loosening to be announced.

As of September 21, Spring Day, and after 16 weeks of a sustained drop in the number of infections, Vizzotti announced the end of the compulsory use of face masks in the open air, when circulating individually and without the presence of crowds. 

"The measures to make activities and circulation more flexible in Argentina announced by @carlavizzotti and @JuanManzurOK."

Thus, the mask, which has become a symbol of the pandemic, will no longer be necessary to circulate in the street.

He also announced the opening of massive events with a 50 percent capacity, unlimited social gatherings, authorization of group trips and the return of bowling alleys for those vaccinated with two doses. 

Likewise, the gradual opening of borders, including the end of quarantine for all Argentines or foreigners coming to the country for work purposes.  

In this sense, to enter the country, it will be required to have a complete vaccination schedule, with the last application date at least 14 days prior to their arrival in the country.

They must also present a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to boarding or antigen at the entry point or until the health authority defines it.

Those entering the country must also perform a PCR test between the fifth and seventh day from arrival until defined by the sanitary authority.

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