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Argentina's Memory Museum Nominated For UNESCO Heritage Site

  • The Memory Museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2021.

    The Memory Museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @DiarioDeCerri

Published 30 September 2021

Through this museum, Argentines keep alive the memory of the victims of Jorge Videla's dictatorship (1976-1981).

On Tuesday,Argentine authorities presented the candidacy of the "Memory Site Museum"(ESMA) to the list of World Heritage sites, which the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) defines and approves.


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From Buenos Aires City, Human Rights Secretary Horacio Pietragalla and the ESMA Director Alejandra Naftal took part in the postulation ceremony . Meanwhile, Spain's former President Jose Rodriguez and the Argentine ambassador to Spain Ricardo Alfonsin presented the candidacy personally at the America House in Madrid.

"We hope that UNESCO supports this candidacy as a recognition of all victims of Latin American dictatorships and as a call for these crimes to never happen again,” Rodriguez said.

During the event, the ESMA presented a video that recounts the atrocities that occurred in its precinct, where clandestine detention, tortures, and murders were committed during Jorge Videla's dictatorship (1976-1981).


Thanks to the Memory, Truth, and Justice policy promoted by the Argentine State after the dictatorship, the ESMAD was rebuilt as a huge museum, which now meets all technical and social requirements that UNESCO demands.

Activist Graciela Lois recalled that all Argentines are grateful for the ESMAD, which they consider an example to the world for “the emotional, sincere, and authentic support that it offers to these crime survivors and the relatives of the victims.”

About 1 percent of the UNESCO World Heritage sites correspond to places where crimes against humanity were committed. Two of them are the Nazi concentration camp in Auswitzch and the Robben Island prison in South Africa.

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