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Argentina: PASO Primaries Begin Ahead of Legislative Elections

  • "Every time we vote in Argentina we make democracy a little stronger," said president Alberto Fernandez after casting his vote for the legislative PASO elections at the UCA headquarters. | Photo: Twitter/@CasaRosada

Published 12 September 2021

Argentina opened early this Sunday the voting centers for the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Elections (PASO), in which Argentines define the candidates for seats in the National Congress.

In this first stage of the legislative elections, the almost 34 million voters qualified to vote, many of them 16 year olds who are voting for the first time, will choose the candidates who will be on the ballot on November 14, for one of the 127 seats to be renewed in the Chamber of Deputies and the 24 in the Senate.

Voting began normally in the midst of the atypical context of COVID-19, which forced authorities to have a larger number of places to vote and avoid crowds of people in the more than 17 thousand establishments.


Argentina: PASO Elections Will Have Strict Sanitary Protocols

The election day is felt in social networks, especially on Twitter, where citizens express themselves under the hashtag #EleccionesArgentina (#ElectionsArgentina).

In these elections, the largest number of voters is concentrated in the province of Buenos Aires, followed by Córdoba and Santa Fe and the federal capital.

It is expected that around 09:00, local time, the Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, will cast his vote from the Universidad Católica Argentina of this capital, while the vice-president Cristina Fernández will do so in the province of Santa Cruz.

The polling stations will be open until 18:00 and the first provisional results will be known around 23:00, local time, according to authorities.

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