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Guyana President Ali's Statements Threaten Peace: Padrino

  • Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino, 2024.

    Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino, 2024. | Photo: FANB

Published 1 April 2024

The Ali administration has been allying with countries like the U.S., the UK, France, and Canada.

On Monday, Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino warned about the warlike implications contained in recent statements of Guyana's President Irfaan Ali.


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Previously, in an interview released on Friday, BBC journalist Stephen Sackur asked Ali about the possibility that Venezuelan territorial claims might prevent his country from carrying out oil projects in the Essequibo.

After describing Venezuela as an "aggressive" neighbor, Ali said that his administration has been investing in technology and infrastructure for the Guyanese army.

"But more than that, we have aligned ourselves with countries and a region that are on the side of Guyana," he said, highlighting the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Canada among the members of the international coalition supporting him.

In response to these statements, Minister Padrino reminded that Venezuela only recognizes the 1966 Geneva agreement, which establishes that the solution to border issues between Venezuela and Guyana must occur through consensual and friendly direct negotiations.

"The dangerous and irresponsible warmongering rhetoric continues from the Guyana government," the Bolivarian defense minister said, noting that "Ali has hinted at the possibility of forming an international coalition against Venezuela."

"This further undermines the Argyle Agreements and threatens regional peace. He should know that our people's will and determination in defending the Essequibo is more powerful than a 'coalition.' Nothing will stop us!," Padrino stressed.

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