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China Supports the Venezuelan Presidential Elections

  • Venezuelans verify their data at a stand of the National Electoral Council.

    Venezuelans verify their data at a stand of the National Electoral Council. | Photo: X/ @globaltimesnews

Published 29 March 2024

Meanwhile, Washington continues to try to delegitimize the decisions of the Venezuelan people.

On Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian affirmed that his country supports Venezuela in holding the presidential elections that will take place on July 28.


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“China respects Venezuela's national sovereignty and independence, supports Venezuela in advancing the electoral process in accordance with its constitution and laws, and opposes external interference in Venezuela's internal affairs,” he said.

“China wishes Venezuela a calm and successful presidential election. We call on the International Community to play a positive and constructive role to this end,” added the Chinese diplomat, whose statements contrast with the position adopted by Washington.

Reproducing a politically biased narrative used on previous occasions, the U.S. Department of State said that it was "deeply concerned" that the National Electoral Council (CNE) restricted opposition candidates from registering to participate in elections.

In fact, however, the Venezuelan authorities registered the candidates of 12 opposition politicians for the presidential elections, in which President Nicolas Maduro will also participate seeking reelection for the 2024-2030 period.

On Friday, the Bolivarian Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil welcomed the statements of his Chinese colleague, highlighting that they reflect the traditional relations of friendship, respect, and cooperation that Venezuela and China have developed for years.

In 2023, the bilateral relationship between these countries received a new boost with the visit of President Maduro to Beijing, where he accelerated negotiations that subsequently led to the signing of cooperation agreements in various sectors.

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