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Israeli Missile Attack Kills 5 in Central Syria

  • Israeli Missile Attack Kills 5 in Central Syria

    | Photo: ZANA

Published 13 May 2022

Five people were killed and seven others injured after Israel attacked military sites in central Syria on Friday, state news agency SANA reported

SANA reported several missiles fired by Israel hit targets near the Masyaf area of Hama province, citing a military statement.

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According to the report, the attack also caused property damage and set fire to the forest of Masyaf.
In an earlier report, SANA said that Syria had intercepted Israeli missiles in its central coast region.
According to the report, explanations were heard in the Syrian coast cities of Banyas, Tartous, and Jableh, adding most of the missiles were intercepted before reaching their targets.
Israel frequently bombed Syria's military facilities while claiming it was striking pro-Iran militia bases.

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