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Syria: Attack on US Air Base Leaves Two Soldiers Injured

  • U.S. Air Force base in Syria targeted in airstrike. April. 7, 2022.

    U.S. Air Force base in Syria targeted in airstrike. April. 7, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@@KMedefer

Published 7 April 2022

U.S. officials reported an attack on an American military base in eastern Syria. So far, no one has taken responsibility for the attack, which is declared under investigation.   

According to a national Ikhbariya TV channel report, two U.S. Army soldiers suffered minor injuries during the attack that hit their military base in Syria's northeast.


Drones and Missiles Strike US Military Base in Deir Ezzor, Syria

The military base, located in the al-Omar oil field in Syria's northeastern Deir Ezzor province, came under missile attack on Thursday, American forces reported. 

Media reports said two soldiers were injured due to the attack; one was treated and released, while the other is under evaluation due to traumatic brain injury.  

The U.S. facility is regarded as one of the largest military bases in Syria and is used for training separatist and extremist opposition groups. It has been under attack on multiple occasions. 

The United States has nearly a dozen illegal bases located in Syrian oil and gas fields without the consent of the country's legitimate authorities.

The government of Syria considers the presence of these bases on its territory to be an illegal occupation and has consistently spoken out against this non-authorized activity, claiming that the actions of Washington are fueling terrorism. 

The foreign forces' presence in Syria with no official authorization has been roundly decried on a number of occasions by local tribes and clans who have called for popular resistance, even armed resistance, to the foreign occupation.

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