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Israel Rejects Two States Solution Amid International Pressure

  • Israeli airstrikes on central Gaza.

    Israeli airstrikes on central Gaza. | Photo: WAFA

Published 18 February 2024

While the death toll in Gaza exceeds 28,000, Israel continues to refuse profoundly the legitimate international demand to recognize the creation of a Palestinian State as the only solution to the conflict.

The Israeli cabinet unanimously rejected international pressure to create a Palestinian state as a solution to the regional conflict, arguing that doing so after the attack by the Islamist group Hamas on Octuber 7, 2023, would represent "an enormous reward for terrorism", while genocide continues in Gaza.


A communiqué from the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that "the Government unanimously approved the declaratory decision on Israel’s opposition to international dictates," referring to the petition of several countries and the global pressure to recognize and legitimize the Palestinian nation.

"Israel roundly rejects international dictates on a permanent agreement with the Palestinians. The agreement, to the extent it is reached, will be made only through direct negotiations between the parties, without preconditions", reads the communiqué.

The statement adds that Israel will continue to oppose the recognition of a Palestinian state, arguing that such recognition, after the Hamas attack that unleashed the war on 7 October and left some 1,200 dead and 250 kidnapped in Israel, while Israel doesn't recognizes the killed in Gaza by the Zionist occupation forces whose exceed 28,600.

On the other hand the Palestinian Prime Minister, Mohamed Shtayeh, assured this Sunday that the Palestinian Authority "does not have a partner in Israel with whom to sit and talk" and for this reason the intervention of the European Union is necessary, the UN, the United States or the Arab countries for the creation of the Palestinian state.

In turn Shtayeh highlighted that Israel "do not want to see us, neither as a state, nor as an Authority, this is the problem, for the first time we do not have a partner in Israel with whom we can sit and talk and when there is no partner, there can be no process, This is why a third party intervention is needed, which could be Europe, the UN, the United States or the Arab countries".

 "Land confiscation; 755,000 Jewish settlers living in the Palestinian territory, mostly armed settlers; 700 checkpoints (Israeli military), a wall surrounding Jerusalem separating Palestinians from Palestinians and deducting a substantial amount of our taxes he collects from us," Shtayeh concluded.

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