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Dialogue and Peace is the Way in Venezuela: President Maduro

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (C), Feb. 19, 2024.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (C), Feb. 19, 2024. | Photo: X/ @NicolasMaduro

Published 20 February 2024

The Venezuelan people will not be intimidated by U.S. threats, the Bolivarian leader stressed.

On Monday, President Nicolas Maduro reiterated that peace and dialogue are the way forward in Venezuela, highlighting the broad participation of sectors in the call made by the National Assembly (AN) to define the electoral schedule for 2024.


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During his program "With Maduro +", the Bolivarian leader asserted that the dialogue in the National Assembly also included an invitation to participation by extremist opposition sectors.

"The dialogue has been so inclusive that even those who try to kill us and violently overthrow us were invited... That only happens in Venezuela. That is the path, the path of dialogue and peace," Maduro emphasized.

Once the dialogue process concludes, the National Assembly President Jorge Rodriguez will publish a consensus document and deliver it to the National Electoral Council (CNE).

"The Electoral authorities will set the election schedule because, rain or shine, there will be presidential elections in Venezuela in 2024, no matter what they say," Maduro reiterated.

The OHCHR Office in Caracas

The Bolivarian leader affirmed that the technical assistance office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Caracas will not operate in Venezuela again until it rectifies.

"If it is a technical advisory office, it must respect the institutions, advise on the legal reforms that the country needs, and advise the institutions to improve," Maduro said, adding that this technical character "suddenly turned into an office of internal espionage and conspiracy."

"Venezuela is not for judicial colonialism... They will not return to the country until that office respects the United Nations Charter, respects the Venezuelan independence and sovereignty, and rectifies and issues public apologies."

Defense of the Essequibo

Maduro referred to the Geneva Agreement, which has been in force for 58 years, and reiterated that only through this mechanism "will Venezuela's sovereign rights over the Essequibo be restored."

"ExxonMobil! We are here!... You should know that ExxonMobil will not enter that undelimited maritime territory," he said, emphasizing that the Geneva Agreement will prevail.

Rejection of threats

The Bolivarian leader emphasized that the Venezuelan people will not be intimidated or stopped by threats from the United States.

"We cannot depend on the Yankees for anything. We cannot depend on licenses or sanctions. We have to depend on our creativity, work, and strength. The Venezuelan people will not be stopped by any threat, ultimatum, or sanction," Maduro said, highlighting that 93 percent of Venezuelan entrepreneurs reject ultimatums, threats, and sanctions.

Visit of Russian and Turkish foreign diplomats

Maduro also announced that on Tuesday, Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov will arrive in Venezuela. He is currently on a tour of the region and brings a message from President Vladimir Putin.

At the end of this week, the visit to Venezuela of the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hakan Fidan, is also expected.


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