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Latin American Movements Support the Bolivarian Revolution

  • Venezuelan flag.

    Venezuelan flag. | Photo: X/ @venanalysis

Published 19 February 2024

"The defense of Venezuela and its tireless struggle to achieve socialism are non-negotiable," they said.

On Sunday, the Continental Articulation of Social and Popular Movements towards ALBA (ALBA Movimientos) issued a statement in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution and the administration of President Nicolas Maduro.


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"In Venezuela, the people not only elect their leaders but also construct government plans. Their contributions are fundamental for the construction and deepening of the revolutionary process," ALBA Movimientos said.

"Venezuela manifests a deep democratic vocation, as confirmed by its willingness to deepen political dialogue with the opposition and to conduct its upcoming elections in a climate of peace and stability. However, U.S. imperialism is sabotaging this electoral process," it added.

"The Bolivarian Revolution is an example of participatory and protagonistic democracy, with a people who have shown their sovereign decision to continue raising the banners of anti-imperialist revolution, socialism, and advancing towards the integration of peoples fighting against capitalism."

"Our daily construction of proletarian internationalism comes from the days of the battle against the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, which bears the imprint of Commander Hugo Chavez and continues with unwavering commitment under Comrade Maduro. It is essential that to advance towards a process of unity, we clearly identify who our enemies are. Our orientation cannot have gray areas in the struggles against imperialism," ALBA Movimientos pointed out.

These statements were made after former Uruguayan President Pepe Mujica described the Maduro administration as authoritarian, a stance also rejected by the Bolivarian Network of Women Parliamentarians.

"At the national and international levels, we will continue to advocate for peace as constructed by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, defending the rights of Venezuelans and denouncing interference attacks against Venezuelan democracy and attempts to undermine the dignity of our people," the Network stated.

From Argentina, the "La Patriada" Front expressed its "most emphatic support for the Bolivarian Revolution, its government, and President Nicolas Maduro."

In their message of support, Argentine popular movements highlighted that the Bolivarian Revolution is fundamental "to strengthen our anti-imperialist struggle on the continent, as well as to consolidate the process of integration of peoples towards the strengthening of sovereign projects, in which popular and protagonistic democracy is the backbone of the Latin American emancipation."

"The defense of Venezuela and its tireless struggle to achieve socialism are non-negotiable," La Patriada stressed.

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