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Presidents of Venezuela and Guyana to Meet in St. Vincent

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Dec. 2023.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Dec. 2023. | Photo: X/ @Saves_sucre

Published 11 December 2023

The meeting will be possible thanks to the good offices of Ralph Gonsalves, the prime minister of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines.

The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) successfully arranged a meeting between Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Guyanese President Irfaan Ali in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines on Thursday, the 14th.


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Through a letter, Ralph Gonsalves, the CELAC pro tempore president and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Prime Minister, urged Maduro and Ali to urgently reduce the escalation of the conflict and establish appropriate face-to-face dialogue.

“Given the recent events and circumstances attendant upon the border controversy, the leaderships of CELAC and CARICOM have assessed, in the interest of all concerned, including our Caribbean and Latin American civilizations, the urgent need to de- escalate the conflict and institute an appropriate dialogue, face-to-face, between the Presidents of Guyana and Venezuela,” Gonsalves said.

“Both of you have concurred with this assessment in the quest of peaceful co-existence, the application and respect for international law, and the avoidance of the use or threats of force. Both of you are on public record of committing to the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace and the maintenance of international law.”

Upon receiving the invitation, Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil expressed appreciation for the efforts by CELAC and CARICOM to promote direct high-level dialogue between his country and Guyana..

"The government of President Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan people are fully confident that the territorial dispute will only be resolved through dialogue, mutual respect, and a commitment to preserving the region as a zone of peace free from interference," he added.

The St. Vincent & the Grenadines meeting was announced on Saturday by Gonsalves through a letter addressed to Maduro and Irfaan Ali. At the request of both parties, Brazilian President Lula da Silva will also be present at their meeting.

Previously, President Maduro ordered Venezuelan diplomats to make the greatest efforts for the peaceful resolution of the controversy over the Essequibo territory.

"Happy Saturday to the Venezuelan family! I am activating the Bolivarian Peace Diplomacy to the fullest, always in defense of Venezuela's historical rights. Once again, we will overcome lies, provocations, and threats against our people. Our homeland will prevail!" he said.

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