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The US 'State Sponsors of Terrorism' List Is Biased, Cuba Warns

  • The sign reads,

    The sign reads, "Yes for Cuba", Havana, Cuba, May. 25, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 27 May 2021

Diplomats describe as irresponsible and shameful the U.S. decision to declare Cuba as a "non-cooperative" state in the fight against terrorism. 

Cuba's Foreign Affairs Ministry (MINREX) on Wednesday condemned the U.S. State Department's (DoS) decision to declare the Caribbean nation as a State that "does not fully cooperate" with U.S anti-terrorism efforts.


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"This is a totally unfounded accusation used for political purposes, which attempts to justify aggressions against Cuba, including the inhumane economic, trade, and financial blockade," MINREX warned. 

The Caribbean island has experienced 713 terrorist acts resulting in an estimate of US$181 billion in economic loss. At least 3,478 people died in the attacks while 2,099 others suffered physical disabilities. 

The Cuban authorities recalled that these attacks were mostly "organized, financed, and executed" by the U.S. government, which has never extradited or tried those responsible for the crimes such as that one connected to the strafing of the Cuban embassy in Washington DC in April 2020. 

In 2015, amid the reestablishment of diplomatic relations, the DoS pulled Cuba out of its list of alleged state sponsors of terrorism. Such a decision, however, was revoked by the Trump administration in January 2021. 

MINREX condemned that the move was aimed at conditioning the new U.S. administration's foreign policy towards Cuba which endures 243 coercive measures adopted by the Trump administration.

"Cuba's inclusion on the list... constitutes an irresponsible and shameful action," MINREX pointed out, adding that this Caribbean country will not modify its commitment to peace and will persist in its efforts in the fight against terrorism.

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