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Cuba Commits to Regular, Orderly and Safe Migration

  • Haitian migrants at the Abel Santamaria airport in Cuba.

    Haitian migrants at the Abel Santamaria airport in Cuba. | Photo: X/ @CanalCaribeCuba

Published 4 October 2023

The Cuban government urged Washington "to take the necessary measures to prevent the tragic consequences of irregular migration."

On Tuesday, the Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a statement reaffirming its commitment to regular, orderly, and safe migration while alerting to the United States' responsibility for the persistence of irregular migration. Below is the text of this declaration:


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In recent months and weeks, the irregular migratory flow of Cuban citizens through the Central American corridor destined for the United States has experienced noticeable growth, thereby increasing the likelihood of unfortunate incidents, such as the recent traffic accident in Mexican territory in which several of our compatriots lost their lives, including a minor.

Cuba has repeatedly warned about the risks associated with the illegal trafficking of migrants and human trafficking, phenomena closely linked to irregular migration, placing migrant individuals in a vulnerable situation and making them victims of organized crime, traffickers, extortion, and abuses associated with this scourge. This occurs even with Cuban travelers, the vast majority of whom leave the country through regular channels.

Cuba has also alerted to the United States government's responsibility for the irregular and disorderly migration of Cubans arriving or intending to arrive at its borders.

It is known that the economic blockade, reinforced in recent years, imposes extraordinary limitations on the Cuban economy and the standard of living of the population, which stimulates migratory potential.

Furthermore, it is understood that the official policy of the U.S. government continues to favor irregularly arriving Cuban migrants at its borders or those who illegally penetrate them, subsequently benefiting them with the Cuban Adjustment Act, which grants Cuban citizens a differentiated and unique treatment worldwide, providing an expedited path to residency, regardless of the methods and means they use, even if they arrive illegally on U.S. territory.

This behavior affects not only Cuba, Cuban migrants, and the United States but also has consequences for several transit countries in the region, adding to the challenges these countries face with irregular migration.

This is an issue that has been officially raised and repeatedly discussed with the U.S. government. Our government is concerned about the well-being and safety of its migrants, providing the necessary consular assistance and guarantees for voluntary and safe returns.

The Cuban government will continue to work and cooperate with governments in the region to prevent irregular, unsafe, and disorderly migration, to prevent risky departures endangering human life, and to fight acts of violence associated with this phenomenon and related crimes, such as human trafficking and illegal migrant trafficking.

The Cuban government once again urges the U.S. government to take the necessary measures to prevent the tragic consequences of irregular migration and reaffirms its commitment to regular, safe, and orderly migration.

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