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Guatemalan Court Rejects Appeal in Favor of Seed Legisladores

  • Guatemalan Congress, 2024.

    Guatemalan Congress, 2024. | Photo: X/ @ExpePublico

Published 31 January 2024

For the Seed legislators to regain their bloc status, they will have to resolve the criminal case against them.

On Tuesday, the Guatemalan Constitutional Court rejected the amparo appeal presented by legislator Samuel Perez, which sought to restore the status of Seed Movement lawmakers.


Guatemalan Court Orders Repeat Congress President Election

Since they remain in the "independent" status, Seed lawmakers cannot aspire to positions in the Congress board of directors, working committees, or bloc leaders instances.

On January 12, the Parliament's Permanent Commission declared they as independent legislators after a temporary suspension against them prompted by a judicial investigation.

"Declaring as independents legislators elected by a political party over which a measure of penal suspension has been decreed does not constitute a threat of an illegal act," the Constitutional Court said, arguing that the judicial resolution remains valid.

Since Bernardo Arevalo's victory in the first round of the 2023 elections, the Attorney General's Office has tried to hinder his path to the presidency of Guatemala, alleging the existence of alleged anomalies in the creation of the Seed Movement Party in 2018.

For the Seed legislators to regain their bloc status, they would have to resolve the criminal case against them. However, it is expected to take a long time before the Guatemalan judicial system resolves the case.

All this happens while Arevalo has not yet completed a month in the presidency of Guatemala, which he assumed after a stormy parliamentary meeting that occurred on January 15.

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