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Yemen's Houthis Attack US Warships, Israel-Related Cargo Ships

  • An anti-ship ballistic missile.

    An anti-ship ballistic missile. | Photo: X/ @yenisafakEN

Published 30 April 2024

Since November 2023, the Houthis have been targeting vessels in support of Palestinians attacked by Israel.

On Monday, the Houthi launched attacks on two U.S. warships and two commercial vessels linked to Israel, in what it described as retaliation for U.S. and British involvement in Yemen.


Yemen Marches in Support of Gaza and Against the Israeli Genocide

The group, which controls much of northern Yemen, said it targeted the American warships with drones in the Red Sea.

"These operations have been successful," said Yahya Sarea, a Houthi military spokesman, in a statement broadcast by the Houthi-run al-Masirah TV. Meanwhile, the U.S. Central Command said it intercepted on Sunday five Houthi drones in the Red Sea.

The Houthis also claimed responsibility for an attack on the CYCLADES, a cargo vessel they say was previously blacklisted by the group for violating the Houthi ban on ships traveling to Israeli ports. "The vessel was accurately hit in the Red Sea after it left the port of Eilat," Sarea said.

In addition, the group said it attacked the MSC ORION, a ship it described as Israeli, in the Indian Ocean. The Houthi spokesman reiterated the group's position that it would continue its operations in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean until Israel ceases its actions in Gaza.

The Houthis have escalated their maritime attacks since November 2023, targeting vessels they claim are associated with Israel in a show of support for Palestinians attacked by Israel.

In January, the United States and Britain initiated a military operation by carrying out airstrikes on Houthi military sites. In response, the Houthis escalated their attacks on commercial and military vessels from the United States and Britain in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.


Yahya Sarea
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