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Venezuelan Presidential Election Schedule Continues as Planned

  • CNE President Elvis Amoroso (C), Caracas, Venezuela.

    CNE President Elvis Amoroso (C), Caracas, Venezuela. | Photo: X/ @El_Cooperante

Published 8 April 2024

Authorities will determine the position that 13 presidential candidates will occupy on the ballot.

On Monday, Elvis Amoroso, the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), confirmed that the schedule for the Venezuelan presidential elections, which will take place on July 28, is being followed as planned.


Venezuelan Position on the Essequibo Presented Before the ICJ

An electoral board will today determine the position that each of the 13 presidential candidates will occupy on the ballot.

Subsequently, electoral authorities will widely distribute copies of the ballot so that all Venezuelans can easily identify the position of the candidate they will support on election day.
Previously, thirty-seven political organizations nominated 13 presidential candidates.

Among them are Manuel Rosales (New Time Party), Enrique Marquez (Centered Party), Antonio Ecarri (Pencil Party and Progressive Advance), Daniel Ceballos (Digital Arepa), Luis Martinez (Democratic Action, Republican Movement, and Red Flag), Juan Alvarado (COPEI), and Claudio Fermin (Solutions Party).

The CNE also registered the candidacies of Benjamin Rausseo (Democratic National Confederation), Javier Bertucci (Change Party), Jose Brito (First Venezuela, United Venezuela, and Venezuela Vision Unit), Luis Ratti (Popular Democratic Right Party), Edmundo Gonzalez (Unitary Platform), and Nicolas Maduro (Simon Bolivar Great Patriotic Pole).

Amoroso reported that a delegation from the European Union arrived in the country on Sunday. On Tuesday, Venezuelan authorities will provide European officials with a presentation on the 13 candidates running for the presidency.

CNE Vice President Carlos Quintero stated that 27 percent of the electoral activities established in the electoral schedule have already been completed.

He also mentioned the existence of 28,000 new registrants in the electoral system, which shows the population's interest in participating in the ongoing political process.


Elvis Amoroso
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