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Venezuelan President Maduro Takes Stock of His China Tour

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Sept. 14, 2023.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, Sept. 14, 2023. | Photo: X/ @NicolasMaduro

Published 14 September 2023

"The visit has been very successful. We have found new solutions and achieved new paths that will lead us to a superior relationship," the Bolivarian leader concluded.

On Thursday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro held a press conference in Beijing in which he presented an overview of his six-day tour of China.


Venezuelan President Maduro Meets With President Xi in Beijing

From the headquarters of the Venezuelan embassy in Beijing, he highlighted that his country always had the decisive support of China in the face of the arbitrary sanctions implemented by the United States and its allies.

Maduro also stressed that the strategic relationship between Venezuela and China reached a new level after his meeting with President Xi Jinping.

The Bolivarian leader applauded the signing of the joint declaration on the establishment of the "Strategic Partnership at All Trials and at All Weather."

The text reads, "At the end of a long day of work with President Xi Jinping. I gave him an album with photographs of his visit to Venezuela in 2014. A solid brotherhood unites us and fills us with strength at the beginning of the fourth stage of the highest-level bilateral relationship."

On Wednesday, 31 working documents were signed in the context of the 17th Meeting of the China-Venezuela High-Level Commission, Maduro recalled, highlighting that these cooperation agreements include issues related to economy, trade, education, tourism, science and technology , health, aerospace development, and civil aviation.

"We have signed an agreement for Venezuela to place its products in the Chinese market," the Bolivarian leader said, highlighting export opportunities for coffee, avocado, fish, and octopus.

"China and Venezuela will strengthen the group of defenders of the United Nations Charter. This will be a central element in a strategy so that sooner rather than later the United Nations condemns and reverses systems of unilateral coercive measures," the Bolivarian leader said.

"We are in the 21st century, the century of the end of hegemonism and imperialism, the century in which a different, pluripolar, and multicentric world was born for peace and union."

"The visit has been very successful. We have found new solutions and achieved new paths that will lead us to a superior relationship. I am happy," Maduro concluded.

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