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Venezuelan President Attends World Social Alternative Meeting

  • Meeting for a World Social Alternative. Apr. 19, 2024.

    Meeting for a World Social Alternative. Apr. 19, 2024. | Photo: X/@NicolasMaduro

Published 19 April 2024

"We are facing an inescapable truth: the attempts of destabilization and violence come from those who oppose our vision of a more just and equitable society."

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, sent this Friday a message of unity and vision of the future during his speech at the meeting for a World Social Alternative, held in the capital Caracas.


Meeting for World Social Alternative Takes Place in Caracas

Maduro shared with more than 500 national and international guests at the event that seeks to consolidate international solidarity as well as cooperation among nations. 

The Venezuelan president was received by social leaders Evo Morales of Bolivia, Manuel Zelaya of Honduras, Joao Pedro Stédile representing the Landless Movement of Brazil and Llanisca Lugo of ALBA Movimientos, Cuba chapter. Among the speakers participating in the event are Atilio Borón, from Argentina, Irene León, from Ecuador, Juan Carlos Monedero, from Spain, among others.

During his speech, the president recalled the historic Grito de la Independencia of April 19, 1810, a date marked by the courage of the people of Caracas, who rose up against Spanish colonialism. "Exactly 214 years ago, in the main square of Caracas, the people took the first step as protagonists of what has been this history of struggle against colonialism and for freedom."

Maduro reaffirmed Venezuela's commitment to sovereignty and self-determination. "Today we are commemorating 214 years of that cry for freedom and today the people are the same, the struggle against colonialism is the same; against the OAS there is ALBA, the true alliance."

In this regard, he called for unity for the future, for society and the alternative of a new socialist, constructive and egalitarian era. "Today ALBA is consolidating, today ALBA is a moral, political, programmatic reference, today ALBA is a reference for the peoples who fight, who dream," he said, stressing the need for cooperation among member countries.

The tweet reads, "I was thrilled to meet with delegates from 60 countries around the world, sisters and brothers, we welcome you to Caracas on this special date of our American rebellion, 214 years ago the people took the first step as protagonists of this beautiful and heroic history of struggle for freedom, independence, sovereignty and equality against colonialism in all its forms. Today the people who were excluded, exploited and enslaved are in political power!"

At the same time, he stressed that only through organization and cooperation will the peoples be able to overcome the coming challenges. "The time has come for the socialist and progressive movements of the globe, to articulate a new alternative of life and hope, against capitalism, because it will only be the organized, united and unified peoples that will overcome the challenges of the future."

Maduro also denounced in his speech that Zionism is behind the global ultra-right with the backing of the United States. "Here in Venezuela, the Machado, Capriles and Lopez surnames are behind Zionism, they all came out to applaud the genocide against the Palestinian people, the assault and bombing with missiles of the Iranian consulate in Damascus."

In this sense he referred to the financing of social networks, news, campaigns by the ultra-right highlighting the need to establish the struggle even in those spaces. "Social networks are the spearhead of Zionism and it is getting into Latin America."

The president said that the people must be activated and mobilized before any circumstance so that they are always prepared to face the global ultra-right. "The only way to be prepared is for the people to be activated, informed and mobilized. It is a very wise line to take up the mass movements in the struggle, now against neoliberalism and against fascism that is emerging as an alternative, Vox in Spain, Milei in Argentina, Bolsonaro in Brazil, Netanyahu in Israel, is the horrific face of Hitler, war criminal, murderer of the peoples."

Maduro further reaffirmed his commitment to the defense of the nation and the construction of a socialist future for Venezuela. "We are facing an inescapable truth: the attempts of destabilization and violence come from those who oppose our vision of a more just and equitable society."

In order to promote a new era of global transition, the President reaffirmed the need to advance in the construction of a new world social alternative for the new era of transition. He said that a document emerged from the World Social Alternative Meeting "that allows us to broadly and fully update the political, programmatic and ideological deck and puts us once again at the forefront, to build a new global social alternative for the new era of transition."

This document reflects the vision of a society that is constantly inventing and reinventing itself, in search of a multipolar and just world. "We are rapidly entering a new epoch and we have to be at the forefront of the new epoch. If we stay with the old discourse, with the old slogans, with the old ways of doing, they will pass over us and make cosmic dust of us all."

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