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Venezuela Launches Commercial Flights to China

  • A plane from the Venezuelan company CONVIASA.

    A plane from the Venezuelan company CONVIASA. | Photo: X/ @Mippcivzla

Published 18 April 2024

The connection between both countries will be possible through CONVIASA planes.

On Wednesday, Transportation Minister Ramon Velasquez announced that Venezuela will begin commercial flights to China.


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In September 2023, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Chinese President Xi Jinping signed agreements that allow the establishment of new air routes.

The connection between both countries will be possible through the planes of the Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries and Air Services (CONVIASA).

The Venezuelan authorities have not yet reported which Chinese cities will be connected through CONVIASA flights.

The text reads, "By ratifying the deep bond of friendship, brotherhood, and love existing between the People's Republic of China and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro approved the protocol on veterinary health, inspection, and quarantine requirements for wild aquatic products to be exported from Venezuela to China. 'The health protocol has been signed with China. We are one out of fifteen countries that have signed this protocol to reach the Chinese market.'

"CONVIASA will materialize the air bridge to facilitate the exchange between both nations, with the guarantee of good service and comfort offered by the country's flag airline," Velasquez said.

The Transportation Minister also indicated that the formalization of the establishment of new routes constitutes "an important step" in the consolidation of bilateral relations between Venezuela and China.

In March 2004, then President Hugo Chavez issued a decree for the creation of CONVIASA. In November of that year, this Venezuelan consortium made its first flight connecting the cities of Caracas and Porlamar.

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