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Venezuela Rejects Retention of its Airplane in Argentina

  • Venezuelan authorities demand the return of the plane seized in Argentina. Aug. 11, 2022.

    Venezuelan authorities demand the return of the plane seized in Argentina. Aug. 11, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@MEugeCoronado

Published 11 August 2022

Deputies and workers of Conviasa delivered a document rejecting the hijacking of the aircraft to the Argentinean ambassador in Caracas.

A commission of the National Assembly (NA) of Venezuela, together with workers and directors of the Conviasa airline, delivered Thursday to the Argentinean ambassador in Caracas a draft agreement adopted by the legislative body in rejection of the hijacking of the airplane and its crew in that country.

Former FM Felix Plasencia New Venezuelan Ambassador to Colombia

The deputy of the National Assembly, Pedro Carreño, declared to the media that the document was presented to the Argentine Government through the mediation of the diplomatic representative, Oscar Laborde.

Carreño thanked the ambassador for his deference and said that he was informed of the will of the Venezuelan people to recover the aircraft and free its crew members.

He recalled that the U.S. Government was behind the attempt to steal the aircraft and warned that the corporate media at the service of the White House might increase the defamation of this case to then prosecute it, with which they would seek to evade the responsibility of returning it.

To the media, we say, spread the truth, our crew are good people, workers of the country, and deserve to be reunited with their families. The Bolivarian people accompany our fight for the freedom of the crew!

Conviasa executives and workers also attended the delivery of the draft agreement at the Argentine legation in Caracas.

The Minister of Transportation and the president of the said airline, Ramón Velázquez Araguayán, assured the Venezuelan people are showing the truth. He stated that the hijacking of the aircraft violates international agreements.

He urged not to fall into the trap set by the hegemonic media, which supports the prosecution of the workers held in Argentina, who have already been accused of espionage and terrorism and who have not yet been called to testify, which violates their rights, he said. The official demanded those media have ethics and disseminate the truth.

He criticized that intelligence reports have been used to accuse the workers when Interpol and other international organizations do not have evidence of law violations.

He recalled that the retained plane had already taken humanitarian aid to several countries, among them Colombia and Haiti. He mentioned that due to its retention, it was impossible to use this large aircraft to help extinguish the fire in Cuba.

He added that not only is the patrimony of the Venezuelan people and its government being affected, but also other countries are being deprived of the humanitarian aid delivered by Venezuela as a nation of peace.

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