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Venezuela: President Maduro To Present Anti-Blockade Bill

  • President Nicolas Maduro, Caracas, Venezuela, Sept. 27, 2020.

    President Nicolas Maduro, Caracas, Venezuela, Sept. 27, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @latinonewspa

Published 28 September 2020

It will allow the Bolivarian state to equip itself with new legal tools to tackle the U.S. sanctions

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro Sunday announced that he will present an Anti-Blockade Constitutional Bill to the National Constituent Assembly (ANC).


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During his intervention in the meeting of the Presidential Commission for the Control and Prevention of COVID-19, he informed about this initiative to fight the U.S. arbitrary sanctions.

"It is an Anti-Blockade Bill that has been created and studied with the help of international and worldwide experts in the matter," Maduro pointed out.

"Venezuela has to protect itself urgently against so many attacks and shield its economy… to undertake an economic, financial, and social recovery", he added.

The bill is expected to be approved after a national debate, and afterward it will be possible to implement a set of measures to overcome the harmful effects of the sanctions.

Vice President Delcy Rodriguez stressed that Venezuela is living a historical moment that cannot be postponed and that it is time to reinforce the Bolivarian state's legal capacities to defend itself from the criminal blockade.

The United States has applied severe sanctions to the oil, gold, mining, and banking industries, as well as to companies, vessels, and individuals who are linked in one way or another to Venezuela’s government.

"These sanctions are crimes against humanity and that is why we have brought the case before the International Criminal Court (ICC) to denounce the U.S. government for suffocating the commercial and financial sectors of the country with no distinction," she denounced.

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