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Venezuela: Popular Consultation Advances Strengthening Democracy

  • People in queue to voting.

    People in queue to voting. | Photo: X/ @Zroy34

Published 21 April 2024

In the 24 states of the country there are 4,500 communes, each of which proposed several social projects, totaling about 25,000.

The National Popular Consultation 2024 for projects that will benefit Venezuelan communities is attended this Sunday by voters in a climate of total normalcy, while the day advances rapidly in the more than 15,000 voting centers installed in the South American country.


Venezuela's Popular Consultation Catches the World's Attention

On a day marked by citizen participation and tranquility, the spokeswoman of the National Electoral Commission, Carolina Arellano, celebrates the activation of 98.6% of the polling stations in Venezuela, an important milestone during this period of participatory elections, He also highlighted the absence of setbacks and the atmosphere of cordiality that reigns at voting points.

Through a message posted on his account on social network X, formerly Twitter, the Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro, highlighted that the People’s Power is participating with joy to choose the projects that will be implemented in the communities to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

With the accompaniment of the National Electoral Council (CNE), a total of 15,617 voting centers were enabled in the 24 states of this South American nation, which opened their doors from 06:00 local time (10:00 GMT) in a democratic exercise that will culminate at 18H00 local time (22H00 GMT) as long as there are no voters in line.

In the 24 states of the country there are 4,500 communes, each of which proposed several social projects, totaling about 25,000. The projects to be chosen are aimed at sectors such as health, education, food, security, the environment, public services and the economy, which will be financed by the Bolivarian Government and implemented by the organized communities themselves.

To vote only must present the identity card, verify the priority projects that benefit your community, select the option of your preference, check the selected option, fold the ballot and enter it in the box, and record the vote with signature and imprint in the voting notebook.

With this process in which the people unite in a day of decision and progress, with the majority of the electoral centers already active and ready to receive voters aims at social transformation and protagonism, driven by the socialist development policies of the Bolivarian government.

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