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Venezuela: Govt Delegation Arrives in Mexico to Sign Agreement

  • Venezuelan Government delegation in Mexico

    Venezuelan Government delegation in Mexico | Photo: Minppci

Published 25 November 2022

The delegation of the Venezuelan government arrived on Friday in Mexico, where it plans to sign a partial agreement with representatives of a sector of the country's opposition during the reinstallation of the dialogue table to be held in the Aztec nation, said the head of the delegation, Jorge Rodriguez.

"We are very pleased to land on this opportunity in this land of brothers and sisters in solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; it is already public, notorious and communicative knowledge to, as you know, sign with a sector of the Venezuelan opposition, a broad social agreement, which would be the second partial agreement on social matters that we will sign with this sector of the Venezuelan opposition," the Venezuelan official detailed to the press, after his arrival in Mexico.

 Venezuelan Government To Continue National Dialogue Process

The Venezuelan government informed on Thursday through a press release that it will sign a second partial agreement with the opposition to guarantee the protection of Venezuelan citizens.

According to the text, the pact creates a practical mechanism to address vital social needs and public service problems based on the recovery of legitimate resources, and property of the Venezuelan State, which are blocked in the international financial system.

According to Rodríguez, the Government delegation accompanying him is made up of lawmaker Nicolás Maduro Guerra; the Minister of Labor, Francisco Torrealba; Deputy Génesis Garvett; the Minister of Women, Diva Guzmán; the Minister of Science and Technology, Gabriela Jiménez; the Executive Secretary of the National Council of Human Rights, Larry Davoe; and the Vice-Minister of Anti-Blockade Policies of the Ministry of Finance, William Castillo.

This meeting between the Government and the Venezuelan opposition is the first one after the suspension of the dialogue more than a year ago.

Negotiations, which began in August 2021, were suspended in October of that year following the extradition of Alex Saab from Cape Verde to the US.

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