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Venezuela Eases Measures as Community Pandemic Control Rises

  • Venezuela Vice President Delcy Rodriguez at a press statement, Caracas, Venezuela, June 5, 2020.

    Venezuela Vice President Delcy Rodriguez at a press statement, Caracas, Venezuela, June 5, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 6 June 2020

The government studies the inclusion of more economic activities to the flexibilization program.

Venezuela's Vice President Delcy Rodriguez Friday announced that health measures in ten economic sectors will be eased with the application of the "7+7" formula, which means seven days of work and seven days of quarantine.


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So far, ten sectors of the economy have had the formula of five working days plus ten days of quarantine (5+10).  President Nicolas Maduro, however, requested that the measure be extended to a 7+7 flexibilization formula.

The economic activities included in the relaxation program are transportation, banking agencies, construction, medical and dental offices, hairdressing, textile and shoe industries, agriculture, mechanical workshops, and other personalized services.

The government is studying the incorporation of other sectors that were not included in the first stage of flexibilization under the "5+10" formula.


"The new quarantine must be carried out with rigor and discipline so we can gradually return to relative normality with excellent results," Rodriguez said and explained that municipalities under curfew and those located in border areas remain exempt from the "7+7" scheme.

Last Friday, Venezuela registered only seven new COVID-19's cases due to community transmission. Meanwhile, 78 percent of 2,145 cases reported by the country are imported.

"Venezuela's high level of community control has permitted the adoption of new flexibilities," the Bolivarian Vice President concluded.

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