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Venezuela: FM Denounces US Pressure Against Mexican Aid Company

  • Venezuela's  Chancellor, Jorge Arreaza.

    Venezuela's Chancellor, Jorge Arreaza. | Photo: Twitter/ @redeuropave

Published 1 June 2020

The humanitarian aid suspension occurs amidst the health crisis due to the pandemic.

Venezuela's Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, Sunday denounced the U.S. government's influence over the Mexican company Libre Abordo and Schlager Business Group’s bankruptcy.


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“Given the illegal and criminal pressures by the U.S. government, the Mexican firm that swapped Venezuelan oil for food and humanitarian supplies declared bankruptcy. This is how Washington violates human rights in Venezuela and free trade’s rights,” Arreaza tweeted.

Libre Abordo Company and Schlager Business Group declared bankruptcy on Sunday, after a $90 million capital loss.  The humanitarian aid suspension occurs amidst the health crisis due to the pandemic.

“For those of us who make up Libre Abordo and Schlager, it is sad and disappointing to perceive that the characters involved in the smear campaign, gave greater importance to political and commercial interests than to the humanitarian aid that we have delivered and could deliver. This attitude will affect millions of people in extreme poverty state, who otherwise would have benefited substantially,” the organization stated in official communication.

The companies also stressed they have the advice of international legal firms, specialized in the defense of those sanctioned by the interference laws of the United States. According to the statement, the companies were never related to U.S. companies to not violate its economic politics and dispositions. 

"With the Mexico based company, Libre Abordo, the import of corn and other food was being managed in exchange for crude oil. The FBI had been pressuring it for weeks to suspend the deal, and finally, it has been bankrupted. Don't the sanctions include food? Of course, they do." 
"We will add this case to the complaint against the United States before the International Criminal Court. This is irrefutable evidence of the perverse and illegal nature of the US sanctions regime, showing that they are lying by claiming that there are "humanitarian exceptions," Arreaza added.


Jorge Arreaza
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