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Venezuela Destroys Illegal Mining Camps in the Amazon Region

  • FANB soldiers fight illegal mining in the Amazon region, Feb. 6, 2024.

    FANB soldiers fight illegal mining in the Amazon region, Feb. 6, 2024. | Photo: X/ @hljohan

Published 7 February 2024

Venezuela will not tolerate illegal groups in its territory, FANB Commander Hernandez warned.

On Tuesday, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) informed that six makeshift mining camps set up by illegal miners were destroyed in the state of Amazonas.


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Previously, on Monday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro launched Operation "Fog 2024" for the protection of the Amazon region and its ecosystems.

The facilities destroyed were used "to prey on and contaminate the environment," said Gen. Domingo Hernandez, the head of the FANB's Strategic Operational Command.

Besides the mining camps, the army also destroyed eight illegal rafts used by criminal groups along the banks of the Cunucunuma River in Duida-Marahuaca National Park.

The text reads, "During the Operation Fog 2024, the FANB found eight mining ponds on the banks of the Cunucunuma River, in the state of Amazonas, which were used to depred and contaminate the environment. They also found and incinerated six logistics camps."

Venezuela will not tolerate the existence of illegal groups in its territory "nor the indiscriminate and arbitrary depredation of the environment," Gen. Hernandez pointed out. 

“The FANB will deploy 20 Quick Reaction Units, which have the strength and means to dismantle and destroy illegal mining structures,” he added.

The Operation Fog 2024 is a comprehensive intervention that will cover all national parks and forest reserves located in areas important for the security of the Venezuelan State.

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