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Venezuela Denounces US at UN Security Council

  • United Nations Security Council

    United Nations Security Council | Photo: EFE

Published 13 May 2020

Venezuela's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza denounced the repeated interventionist actions of the Trump Administration against Venezuela.

Venezuela denounced on Wednesday, before the Security Council and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the armed terrorist attacks against the nation. The attack carried out on May 3 off the coast of La Guaira, was organized and financed by mercenaries and protected by the Governments of Colombia and the United States, announced the Minister of Foreign Relations, Jorge Arreaza.

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Earlier in the day, Samuel Moncada, Ambassador Representative of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the UN, published on his Twitter account that the complaint highlights the attempted murder against Nicolas Maduro, alongside high officials of the National Government. Also, the Ambassador said that "destroying the system of liberties and rights of our independent and sovereign nation, imposing a violent regime of colonial looting never before seen in our history," was part of the plan.

He added that the "criminals who penetrated our national territory came from Colombia. One of the attack groups landed in La Guaira state, where the country's main airport is located just twenty kilometers from the Venezuelan capital. However, Operation Gideon, named after mercenaries and terrorists, was thwarted by Venezuelan authorities. "

The action of the neighboring communities in the areas infiltrated by the attackers, in coordination with the public security forces, managed to capture the majority of this group of mercenaries and terrorists. Further, this allowed the identification of two vessels in which at least sixty criminals with large amounts of high-caliber lethal weapons entered to execute their plan, he said.

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