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Venezuela Denounces New Attack on National Electricity System

  • Power lines in Venezuela

    Power lines in Venezuela

Published 18 January 2022

Venezuelan authorities reported that on Tuesday, a new act of sabotage was registered against a power generation tower in the northern center of the country.

"We want to denounce once again, the systematic and prolonged continuation of the electric war, where destabilizing groups committed an act of sabotage that led to the fall of a tower of the Planta Centro - Valle Seco line in the Taborda sector of Pto Cabello in Carabobo," wrote the Minister for Electric Energy, Néstor Reverol, on his Twitter account.

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Earlier, authorities also denounced an attack that caused power supply failures in the country's southwest region.

In this regard, Reverol indicated that workers of the National Electric Corporation are working to reestablish the electric service in the state of Carabobo (north) and said that these are "premeditated and premeditated" vandalism acts carried out with malice aforethought to attack the tranquility of the population.

Last December, the administration of Nicolás Maduro denounced an attack on the electric system that caused a blackout in 15 states of the country.

Since March 2019, the Government has denounced that the nation is the victim of attacks on the Simón Bolívar Hydroelectric Power Plant, located in the Guri reservoir, in Bolívar state (south), where more than 80 percent of the energy consumed in the country is produced.

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