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Venezuela Celebrates Bolivarian National Militia Day

  • Members of the Bolivarian National Militia, Venezuela.

    Members of the Bolivarian National Militia, Venezuela. | Photo: Twitter/ @educaymejora

Published 13 April 2023

On April 13, 2022, Venezuelans took to the streets to demand the release of Hugo Chavez, whom U.S.-backed politicians had kidnapped and imprisoned two days earlier.

On April 13, Venezuelans celebrate the Bolivarian National Militia Day, which honors the popular mobilization that defeated the 2002 coup attempt against the revolutionary government led by Commander Hugo Chavez (1999-2013).


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Twenty-one years ago this day, thousands of citizens and militaries took to the streets to demand the release of Chavez, whom U.S.-backed opposition politicians and entrepreneurs had kidnapped and imprisoned two days earlier.

Shouting slogans like “Chavez, friend, the people are with you," Venezuelans blocked highways in Caracas and marched to the Miraflores Palace, where the coup leaders were hiding. Once warned of the scale of the protests, however, the coup leaders fled in haste.

On April 14, a group of honest soldiers rescued Chavez from La Orchila Island’s prison and took him to the Miraflores Palace, where citizens massively received him.

The tweet reads: "We celebrate Bolivarian National Militia Day!  One more year of the Civil-Military Union's consolidation in defense of the homeland and the enabling law signing by Cmdte Hugo Chávez. We will win!"

"Twenty-one years ago, our people said no to the treason promoted by Imperialism. They defended the Bolivarian revolution and the Homeland's dignity and sovereignty," Interior Minister Remigio Ceballos stressed, recalling that the victory over the coup attempt represented the genesis of the Bolivarian Militia.

Integrated by thousands of civilians committed to the security of Venezuela, the Bolivarian Militia is part of the National Armed Forces, which are under the direct command of the president of the republic.

Thanks to the militias, the Bolivarian Revolution has faced several U.S.-backed political destabilization attempts, including a failed sea invasion of Colombian mercenaries in May 2020.

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