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Venezuela To Continue Defend Essequibo Region Sovereignty

  • Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez. Apr. 6, 2023.

    Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez. Apr. 6, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @VTVcanal8

Published 6 April 2023

The decision of the International Court of Justice provides for a review of the conduct of the United Kingdom on the Paris Arbitral Award of 1899.

Venezuela's Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, read this Thursday a statement of the Bolivarian Government in relation to the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the dispute between Guyana and Venezuela over the Essequibo region.


Venezuela Asks the ICJ to Declare Guyana's Claim Inadmissible

"We welcome the ICJ's incidental ruling, which validates our arguments because it recognizes that the Court must review the illegal and fraudulent conduct of the United Kingdom over this case," Rodriguez said.

On Tuesday, the ICJ rejected the arguments presented by the Bolivarian authorities to justify that Guyana's claims over this region are not appropriate. The Court also refused to call the United Kingdom to testify in the court proceedings as a signatory to the 1899 Arbitral Award, which awarded most of the disputed territory to British Guiana.

The ICJ, however, agreed to analyze the validity of the Arbitral Award, which the Bolivarian authorities consider inadmissible because it was signed before Guyana obtained its independence in 1966.

In 2018, Guyana unilaterally requested the ICJ, the main judicial body of the United Nations (UN), to resolve the dispute over the Essequibo region. 

The Vice President stressed that Venezuela does not recognize the ICJ ruling as a means to resolve this dispute. "The Geneva Agreement, which Venezuela and Great Britain signed in 1966 to find an amicable solution to the dispute, is the only valid instrument to solve the case of the Essequibo region", said Rodriguez.

"Venezuela is the undisputed and historical heir of this territory, which belonged to the Spanish metropolis before the birth of our republic. We will take all measures within our reach to defend our territorial integrity and our rights over this region," the diplomat added. 

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