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Venezuela Asks The US To Improve Relations and Remove Sanctions

  • Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister Felix Plasencia, 2021.

    Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister Felix Plasencia, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @OrinocoTribune

Published 9 November 2021

The Bolivarian nation is open to interact and communicate with the U.S. government as members of the international community and sovereign States.

Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister Felix Plasencia ratified that his country aspires to have a relationship with President Joe Biden’s administration, which presupposes that Washington must dismantle its policy of sanctions and accusations against Venezuela and its authorities.


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"The Government of Venezuela aspires to have relations with the U.S. Government as equals. President Nicolas Maduro congratulated the triumph of President Joe Biden," Plasencia recalled and emphasized that Caracas does not judge the decision of the U.S. people to elect one president or another. For this reason, the Bolivarian nation demands the same respect from the U.S. government.

"We are determined to have good relations with any government and we aspire to base them on respect for sovereignty and treatment among equals," the Bolivarian diplomat emphasized. "Do we aspire to have a better relationship with the Biden administration? Of course, we do. Of course, we would like to have the best relationship with the U.S. government."

For that to happen, we must "demand that the U.S., if it wants to be more responsible, dismantle all those sanctions, decrees, and declarations against Venezuela," Plasencia pointed out and explained that this would be the route to move towards a better future for North America, South America, the Caribbean, and Central America.

"Anyone would expect that a President, who has been vice president and is a professional politician... can understand that the Bolivarian people and government want to have a constructive dialogue with the U.S. government and people."

The Venezuelan diplomat also recalled that President Maduro has always said he is open to interact, communicate, and have contact with the U.S. government, as members of the international community and sovereign States.

"A few weeks ago, at the United Nations General Assembly, we were sitting a few steps from the U.S. We participate as equals in the General Assembly. There is no reason why we see each other differently. That should be the dynamic of rapprochement and understanding. We should be able to dialogue among equals and respecting our peoples,” Plasencia stressed.

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