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Ukraine Criticises NATO’s Position Regarding the Conflict

  • During the World Economic Forum Ukrainian FM highlighted NATO's hypocrisy for its position regarding Russia. May. 25, 2022.

    During the World Economic Forum Ukrainian FM highlighted NATO's hypocrisy for its position regarding Russia. May. 25, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@u24_news

Published 25 May 2022

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister said NATO had done “literally nothing” to help Ukraine when it needed it the most.

On Wednesday, Switzerland hosted the World Economic Forum in Davos, where the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, said that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has not responded to Kiev's requests in its time of need, saying that the bloc has done "literally nothing" to help the country, unlike the European Union.

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"My people criticize me for saying that NATO did nothing since the beginning of the war, my experts, my NATO experts. They say I have to be more constructive. But I am constructive. We see allies helping Ukraine out; we see a group of NATO allies helping us. But at the beginning of the war the people of Ukraine, it was a public sentiment, believed that NATO is this strong force and the EU is only capable of expressing various levels of concern, and that's it. But the war is always a test that rips masks off and we all saw real faces," said the Ukrainian Foreign Minister.

"What we saw are some revolutionary, ground-breaking decisions taken by the European Union, which even they themselves did not expect to make. And we see NATO as an alliance, as an institution, sidelined and doing literally nothing, I'm sorry to say," added Kuleba.

The Minister said that there is "an element of hypocrisy in this, I understand it, this is life," referring to the fact that Finland and Sweden's application for NATO membership has not been treated with the same level of scrutiny about strategic stability in relations between Russia and the West, as Ukraine's has. Kuleba continues to highlight Ukraine's Army as the "strongest" in Europe. He urged Western countries to "make Russia pay" for challenging the Western-dominated "rules-based order."

The Ukrainian official also called Washington and its allies to send more weapons and financial support to the country.

Kuleba said that they "appreciate the sanctions that have already been imposed. Some of them are especially helpful as they strategically undermine Russian stability or have already made it impossible for Russia to produce more modern weapons because of the sanctions."

Otherwise, he complained, explaining that "as long as the EU continues to buy Russian oil and gas, [Vladimir] Putin's pockets will be full."


Dmytro Kuleba
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