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The Ecuadorian Crisis Demands Early Elections: Rafael Correa

  • Ecuador's Former President Rafael Correa, Feb. 9, 2023.

    Ecuador's Former President Rafael Correa, Feb. 9, 2023. | Photo: teleSUR

Published 10 February 2023

The main problem Ecuador is experiencing is "the lack of a government," the Citizen Revolution leader said.

In an exclusive interview with teleSUR on Thursday night, Former President Rafael Correa assured that the victory achieved by the Citizen Revolution in the subnational elections on February 5 marks the beginning of a process that aims to recover Ecuador from the domination of the neoliberal right.


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"It was very significant to win the elections resoundingly despite all the extremely adverse conditions. But that's just a starting point. We have to take back the central government to be able to solve problems related to economic growth and national security," he said.

"The control of the executive branch is essential to put Ecuador back on the path of well-being, which we undoubtedly established from 2007 to 2017. Winning the elections is just a means to achieve the common good, get the country out of misery, and end with poverty and inequality."

The Citizen Revolution leader explained that the resounding defeat of the Ecuadorian right-wing parties shows that the economic elites and the mainstream media "failed to destroy hope in the people. And that is the first step to return to having a dignified homeland."

This happened despite the fact that leftist activists and social leaders have been persecuted, vilified, and imprisoned since 2017, when then-President Lenin Moreno betrayed the popular will and gave in to the interests of large corporations and banks.

"What happened on Sunday was a turning point. The voters vindicated all the leaders of the Citizen Revolution that we were persecuted and slandered... The response of the Ecuadorian people was to forcefully support the Citizen Revolution," Correa pointed out.

"We became the country's main political force again. Despite rules that did not favor us, they could not prevent our resounding victory, which went far beyond our expectations," he said, adding that President Guillermo Lasso will not be able to solve the very serious problems that Ecuador has because he is the one who has caused them.

"The solution to the crisis implies changing the administration of Lasso, who is the author of the disaster we are experiencing," Correa pointed out, and recalled that the 2008 Constitution contemplates peaceful and democratic procedures to remove the government.

"The most convenient and healthy option would be to call early elections," Correa said, emphasizing that the main problem Ecuador is experiencing is "the lack of a government."

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