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Ecuador: Lasso Accepts ‘No’ Victory in Referendum

  • Ecuador's President Guillermo Lasso

    Ecuador's President Guillermo Lasso

Published 6 February 2023

The President said that what happened on Sunday "was a call from the people to the Government, and we will not avoid that responsibility."

"When the people speak it is the duty of the rulers to analyze, understand and accept it," said President Guillermo Lasso to start his national broadcast on the results of the constitutional referendum, the night of February 6, 2023.

 "The objective was always to listen (...) in that act of popular expression nest the answers and solutions to the main problems of the country", he said. The president said that beyond the results of the referendum the great majority wishes for a better country.

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"The demands of all (those who voted yes and those who voted no) are the same: more security, better education and health, more work, better jobs and a reduction in the cost of living."

The president said that what happened was a "call from the people to the government, and we will not shirk this responsibility." 

He used his defeat to say that the people "have asked all parties to stop fighting among ourselves and let's get down to solving the problems. 

"This president welcomes this call and calls on all the national leaders to build a great national agreement" (...) "with the certainty that the democratic political forces will have to contribute their point of view in this process." 

He also insisted that the issues raised in the referendum are a priority to meet the needs of Ecuadorians. "I accept that they do not agree with my proposals, but we need a serious debate, without dogmas, on how to face the threat of drug trafficking and its links with politics."

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