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The Defense of Essequibo Is a National Issue: Venezuelan VP

  • Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez (C).

    Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez (C). | Photo: X/ @RNVinformativa

Published 28 November 2023

The Essequibo referendum on Sunday involves "a call for development within the framework of historical rights," VP Rodriguez pointed out.

On Tuesday, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez asserted that the defense of the Essequibo territory is a matter that concerns all Venezuelans without any distinction.


Venezuelans Await the Essequibo Referendum With Patriotism

"We are making contemporary history... It is a topic of national unity that calls upon everyone," she said during an event called "Venezuela Defends the Essequibo," where she expressed gratitude for the presence of opposition politicians like Zulia Governor Manuel Rosales.

"We are not calling from a political party, nor are we urging to vote with the color of a jersey. We are summoned by Venezuela, with our tricolor flag, to participate on December 3," she said, referring to the referendum through which Venezuelans will express their views on their nation's sovereignty over the Essequibo territory.

"We can account for five centuries of history regarding the Venezuelan ownership of this territory," Rodriguez commented on the controversy between her country and Guyana over the Essequibo territory.

The Venezuelan vice president emphasized that the Essequibo referendum invites national unity and coordinated efforts, as this electoral process involves "a call for development within the framework of historical rights." Rodriguez also recalled that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has intentions adverse to the national sentiment.

"Venezuela is one of 119 countries that do not recognize the automatic jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice. Today, they pretend to position themselves as defenders of legality," she said, warning that her nation will not leave the resolution of such a vital issue as the territorial integrity of Venezuela and its Guayana Esequiba in the hands of third parties.

"Sooner rather than later, Guyana must return to the negotiating table," Rodriguez stated, ensuring that the Venezuelan government will fulfill what its people order.

"There is nothing more sacred than the voice of the people. And when it speaks, it speaks loud and firm. Guyana is an aggressor state and an occupier of our territory. We will not lend ourselves to this tragic comedy," Rodriguez said.

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