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Guyana's Bharrat Seeks to Fill Exxon's Pocket: VP Rodriguez

  • Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez (C).

    Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez (C). | Photo: X/ @Kevin_Moncada07

Published 27 November 2023

Vice President Delcy Rodriguez also confirmed that Venezuelan authorities have detected sabotage plans against the Essequibo referendum.

On Monday, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez strongly criticized Vice President of Guyana Bharrat Jagdeo for the new attempt to delegitimize the referendum through which Venezuelans will ratify the historical rights of their nation over the Essequibo territory.


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"Bharrat, I realize the sad role you play as an employee of Exxon Mobil. A sad role for a leader. You seem more interested in filling Exxon Mobil's pockets than addressing the people of Guyana," she said.

"I'll give you advice at the twilight of your political career: don't mess with the women of Venezuela. It will go very badly for you. On December 3, the Venezuelan people will exercise their right to vote. And the next day, there will be a beautiful dawn for Venezuela! Together we will overcome!" Rodriguez added.

Previously, during a meeting with residents of Ana Regina, a territory north of the Essequibo region, President Bharrat questioned the Bolivarian referendum, insinuating that this democratic event is a mere distraction to conceal Venezuela's problems.

"Guyana has already surpassed all the limits of ineptitude, illegality and anomie. Now it intends to steal the Venezuelan sea. We are not going to allow it even if they say whatever insults they want to say," Rodriguez stressed.

The Bolivarian vice president also confirmed that Venezuelan security institutions have detected sabotage plans against the Essequibo referendum scheduled for December 3.

"We have already detected plans to sabotage the electricity service. Our security institutions are in contact with the Minister of Public Works to address any event that seeks to curtail the rights of the population," Rodriguez pointed out, adding that 356,000 security personnel will guard the voting centers on Sunday.

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