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Russia's Baltic Fleet Conducts Large-Scale Live-Fire Drills

  • Karakurt-class guided-missile corvette Mytishchi of the Baltic fleet.

    Karakurt-class guided-missile corvette Mytishchi of the Baltic fleet. | Photo: X/ @r116440

Published 9 November 2023

Meanwhile, the new Slovakian government rejected a 14th package of military aid for Ukraine.

Over 1,000 troops from the Baltic Fleet's army corps and naval infantry units are participating in live-fire exercises at training grounds in Russia's Kaliningrad region.


Ukraine Attacks on Donetsk Violate International Law - Nebenzia

"Servicemen of the Baltic Fleet's combined naval infantry and army corps units, stationed in the Kaliningrad region, are conducting tactical gunnery exercises using the latest techniques adapted to modern warfare, which include the simultaneous combination of fire missions for the use of the entire range of weaponry, reconnaissance assets and military equipment," according to the press service.

The drills include high-intensity exercises, some of which are carried out at night with the use of night vision devices and means of reconnaissance. Within the framework of the exercises, troops will practise shooting at targets mimicking enemy manpower and armored vehicles. 

The exercises are supervised by competent instructors with combat experience, and experience in armed conflicts, including the special military operation in Ukraine.

In a related matter, the Slovakian government on Wednesday rejected a 14th package of military aid for Ukraine worth 40.3 million euros, which was prepared by the former government and would have included ammunition, missiles, mortars and mines.

Slovakia has supported Ukraine with 13 packages of military aid worth 671 million euros since the beginning of the conflict. However, the new Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico and his Smer party have repeatedly said that the government will stop military aid to Ukraine.

However, the government has announced that military aid to Ukraine provided on a commercial basis by companies operating in Slovakia and the Czech Republic has no influence on the position of the Slovak government, and will continue.

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