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Russian Gazprom Explains the Reduction of Gas Supply at SPIEF

  • The head of the Russian company Gazprom said that Russian gas is reliable for

    The head of the Russian company Gazprom said that Russian gas is reliable for "Russia's friends." Jun. 16, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@ADelgersaikhan

Published 16 June 2022

Russian Gazprom said it remains a "reliable" energy supplier to Europe despite hostile Western measures against it.

"It's our product, it's our rules. We don't play by rules we didn't set," said Alexei Miller, Russian gas company Gazprom Chairman defending his company's decision to reduce gas deliveries to Europe as the continent experiences a severe energy crisis.

Ukraine Says It Is Ready To Solve the EU Gas Crisis via Gazprom

On his Thursday address at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Miller (SPIEF) once again said that Moscow is a "reliable" energy supplier for "Russia's friends." He admitted the difficulties with the production situation with the Portovaya compressor station of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

This situation came as Gazprom had to stop due to technical failures another engine of a turbine of the German company Siemens after they exceeded the technical service deadlines of the project, which led to a 40 percent reduction in the volume of Russian gas supplied to Europe through the Nord Stream pipeline, explained Miller.

Gas prices rose 25 percent on European markets and reached record highs. This was due to steadily growing demand ahead of winter.

Russia and the West are still unable to overcome tensions, aggravated by the Russian operation in Ukraine, and Western countries have since imposed a series of sanctions on Russian officials, companies, economic sectors, and gas.

However, the Eurasian country has warned time and again that the rejection of Russian gas will harm European countries, while it will benefit the U.S.


Alexei Miller
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