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Ukraine Says It Is Ready To Solve the EU Gas Crisis via Gazprom

  • Ukrainian GTS to solve the gas crisis of the European Union by pumping Russian gas. Jun. 15, 2022.

    Ukrainian GTS to solve the gas crisis of the European Union by pumping Russian gas. Jun. 15, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@aswagalmal

Published 15 June 2022

On Wednesday, the Ukrainian gas operator GTS says it is ready to end the current EU gas crisis.

In the scenario of the cut of Russian gas supply due to sanctions targeting the Nord Stream pipeline, on Wednesday, the Ukrainian gas transmission system operator GTS said it is willing and prepared to supply European countries with the increase in the volume of gas transit through the Sudzha entry point.

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“In order to help prepare European countries for the next heating season, GTS of Ukraine is ready to consider the possibility of an additional temporary increase in transit volumes that can fully compensate for the lack of transportation through Nord Stream 1, subject to a relevant request from Gazprom,” announced the operator on its Telegram channel.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Russian company Gazprom announced the reduction of 60 percent of the overall flows via the Nord Stream pipeline. From its regular 167 million cubic meters of gas supply, the company was forced to reduce to just 67 million cubic meters, explained the major Gazprom.

This reduction represents the halt of the operations of another Siemens gas pumping unit on the pipeline. On the matter of gas pumping units, the German company said that there are some of the units that had not been returned from repair in Canada as a result of the sanctions imposed against Russia.

The GTS Operator of Ukraine company announced its readiness to increase the pumping of gas from the Russian Federation to Europe to compensate for the drop in transit through the Nord Stream.

The European market consumes about 55 billion cubic meters of gas annually, supplied by the Nord Stream pipeline, which runs under the Baltic Sea and delivers Russian gas to Germany.

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