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Russia Rejects Macron's Statements on Sending Troops to Ukraine

  • French President Emmanuel Macron, 2024.

    French President Emmanuel Macron, 2024. | Photo: X/ @sputnik_brasil

Published 4 April 2024

His statements evidence a readiness to follow the escalation path, Russian diplomat Grushko said.

On Thursday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko criticized French President Emmanuel Macron's remarks about the potential deployment of French troops to Ukraine as unacceptable.


Zelensky Issues Decrees to Get Soldiers for Ukrainian Forces

"The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly commented on the French president's recent statements about the possible dispatch of military personnel from alliance member countries to the combat zone. I repeat that these ideas were immediately disavowed at NATO headquarters in Brussels, and in Washington, and in most other capitals of the bloc," Grushko said.

"These statements indicate a readiness to follow the path of escalation in conditions when the West itself is suffering a strategic defeat on the ground," he added.

"Such bragging, no matter what foreign or domestic political goals they pursue, are unacceptable for responsible politicians, especially in the context of the already tense military-political situation in Europe," Grushko stressed.

Grushko also highlighted that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has repeatedly stated that the alliance is not at war with Russia and is not a party to the conflict surrounding Ukraine.

Previously, in February, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the European Union's plan for a new coalition to supply Ukraine with long-range missiles and discussed, without consensus, the potential deployment of troops, saying that all options are being considered.

On Wednesday, defense ministers Sebastien Lecorneau (France) and Sergei Shoigu (Russia) held a telephone conversation in which they addressed issues such as the terrorist attack on Moscow and the Ukraine conflict.

"France will continue to support Ukraine as long and as intensely as necessary in its fight for freedom and sovereignty, in order to bring peace and security to the European continent," said a statement from the French Defense Ministry, as reported by France 24.

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